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Silica gel has been used in museums throughout the world for decades to stabilize the relative humidity (RH) in sealed exhibition cases and storage units. It provides environmental protection to museum collections by acting as a buffer against relative humidity changes.

APS pioneered the use of high performance silica gel and developed RHapid Gel specifically for museum applications.  However, due to the discontinuation of RHapid Gel, APS had introduced Arten Gel which is comparable to RHapid Gel. For more technical information about this modification, refer to Arten Gel Performance Specifications.

Arten Gel’s unique properties give it excellent capacity to adsorb and desorb moisture within the standard relative humidity range for artifacts in museums. Arten Gel is the most cost-effective humidity buffering product available when compared to other high performance silica gels. The flexible, moisture-permeable packaging of the sachets allows for a simple, clean installation by museum staff.

An Arten Gel 6PAK is a MarvelSeal® bag, which contains six 350g (.78 lbs), moisture permeable sachets of our Arten Gel. Each Arten Gel sachet measures 7 x 5 inches and is about 1 inch high.
Based upon standard museum recommendations, one Arten Gel sachet will condition 2 to 4 cubic feet of case volume (2 cubic feet for permanent exhibits, and 4 cubic feet for temporary applications). This takes into account that more silica gel is required for long-term exhibitions to provide a stable buffering environment.

Please download the article Demystifying Silica Gel for a comprehensive overview on silica gel for museum applications.

If you require more than 5 six packs of conditioned silica gel, please contact us at least a week before you need it. For especially large orders (10 six packs or more) or orders with large amounts of silica gel at different condition points please note that it may take extra time to fulfill your order.

Cat #




Arten 6PAK silica gel - dry


Conditioned Gel


Arten 6PAK silica gel - conditioned
30% RH



Arten 6PAK silica gel - conditioned
40% RH



Arten 6PAK silica gel - conditioned
45% RH



Arten 6PAK silica gel - conditioned
50% RH



Arten 6PAK silica gel - conditioned
60% RH


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