About Us

Art Preservation Services (APS), founded in 1988 by Steven Weintraub, specializes in the environmental preservation of collections in museums, archives, and historic buildings.

We are actively involved in the research and development of tools and products to aid the preservation and conservation communities, focusing on topics relating to relative humidity (RH), light, air pollution, monitoring, data logging and environmental condition alarms.

APS has developed unique systems for the passive control of RH within exhibition cases, and has consulted with many museums on exhibition case design, testing, and trouble-shooting to ensure safe artifact environments. In June 2011, we introduced a new system for evaluating leakage rate and location of leakage in sealed showcases and storage units.

APS is currently in development of a web-based wireless monitoring and alarm system for temperature, relative humidity and light. Due to the very small size of the monitoring units, the system is optimized for showcase applications. The accompanying software analysis package makes the system ideal for monitoring general space conditions as well.

APS provides extensive environmental consultation services to museums, historic houses and private collections. Our areas of competence cover a broad range of specialties, reflecting decades of innovative research and practical problem-solving activities in the field of preventive conservation.