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4  Why an MH of 5.0 is used

Why is an MH value of 5.0 used for the Arten Gel and
    Rhapid Gel Quantity Recommendation?

The amount of silica gel recommended for RH stabilization for a “typical” microclimate application uses an average MH value of 5.0 within the overall range of 0-60% RH.


  • Arten Gel's MH Value is approximately 5.0 at or below 40% RH. Arten Gel should not be used in applications that are consistently above 45% RH. 

  • Above 40-45% RH, the MH value of Arten Gel decreases since a larger quantity would be required to provide the same buffering capability as Rhapid Gel. 

  • Rhapid Gel's MH Value is approximately 5.0 within the overall range of 0-60% RH.

Since the same MH Value is used throughout the overall range of 0-65% RH, there is no need to recommend different quantities of Rhapid Gel and Arten Gel within this wide RH range. This assumes that Arten Gel is not used above 45% RH for a prolonged period of time.

  • Less Rhapid Gel or Arten Gel can be used for very air-tight cases or for shorter periods on exhibition. 

  • If a more precise calculation is utilized to determine the amount of Rhapid Gel required for a specific application, the MH values provided in the section on Determining the M and MH value for Silica Gel can be used.


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