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Consulting & Research

Art Preservation Services (APS) specializes in the environmental preservation of collections in museums, archives, and historic buildings.


  • Founded in 1988 by Steven Weintraub  in New York City

  • APS is actively involved in the research and development of tools and products to aid the preservation and conservation communities, focusing on topics relating to relative humidity, light, air pollution, monitoring, data logging, and condition alarms. We are presently prototyping new humidification and dehumidification systems.

  • APS developed unique systems for passive control of RH within exhibition cases, and has consulted with many museums on exhibition case design, testing, and trouble-shooting to ensure proper RH control.

  • APS developed highly sophisticated LED fixtures, designed specifically for museum display cases and has selected lighting control systems to minimize damage to artifacts. We are currently experimenting with new picture light fixtures.

  • APS consulting services include:

    • The design, trouble-shooting, and monitoring of mechanical systems for the environmental control of buildings, historic structures, and room environments

    • The movement, handling, and care of large artifacts

    • Display case design

    • Museum and archival lighting

    • Architectural surveys and analysis

    • Environmental condition alarm system selection and installation/programming

    • Environmental monitoring protocols

  • Special Services include:

    • Structure infiltration analysis using blower doors

    • 640x480 Thermal Imaging

    • Monitoring of moisture and temperature in ground and within walls

    • Display case leakage testing and analysis

    •  Repair and calibration of Isuzu Hygrothermographs 

    • Structure infiltration analysis using blower doors

Clients include:


  • National September 11th Museum

  • Port Authority of New York and New Jersey – World Trade Center Artifacts

  • Juilliard School of Music

  • Staten Island Museum

  • United States Holocaust Museum

  • Metropolitan Museum of Art

  • Ellis Island (National Park Service)

  • Museum of New Mexico

  • National Gallery of Art

  • National Museum of the American Indian

  • Star-Spangled Banner Project (National Museum of American History)

  • Carnegie Hall

  • The Frick Collection

  • The Guggenheim

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