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Silica Gel Products

Silica gel is used in museums throughout the world to stabilize relative humidity (RH) in sealed exhibition cases and storage units. Innovative research done by Steven Weintraub, founder of APS, resulted in the development of a new category of high-performance silica gels for museums that significantly increases buffering efficiency in the mid-RH range. Rhapid Gel was developed based on this research.

APS is offering two types of silica gel, each optimized for a specific range of Relative Humidity (RH)


Arten Gel (For use within the range of 0-45% RH)

Rhapid Gel (For use within the range of 0-65% RH)

Select Silica Gel Quantity Recommendation for information on determining the amount of silica gel quantity required


Available RH :   0%  40%  45%  50%  60%

Rhapid Gel has an average MH* value of 5.0 within the entire 0-65% RH range

MH* value of 4.0 or higher indicates efficient buffering capacity

Sachet Dimensions

5.5” x 5.0” x 1.2”

Weight  per sachet

300g (0.66-pound) 

Sachets per pak

4 sachets


Available RH :  0% 30%  40%  

Arten Gel has an average MH* value of 5.0 within the range of 0-40% RH

MH* value of 4.0 or higher indicates efficient buffering capacity

Sachet Dimensions

6.0” x 5.5” x 0.8”

Weight  per sachet

300g (0.66-pound) 

Sachets per pak

6 sachets

Flexible, moisture-permeable sachets allow for a simple, clean installation by museum staff. The sachets are packed in moisture tight MarvelSeal® bags



A higher MH VALUE indicates a higher buffering capacity. Therefore, less silica gel is needed to achieve the same buffering effect as a silica gel with a lower Mvalue. Both Rhapid Gel and Arten Gel are calibrated and quality tested to be within 1-2% of the designated RH, providing the most cost-effective high performing silica gel available.


Available RH   0%   30%   40%

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