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5  Technical Resources

Links to Information about “Museum-Grade” Silica Gel


Silica Gel: Passive Control of Relative Humidity – Technical Bulletin 33 (Authors: Jean Tétreault and Paul Bégin, 2018).


Demystifying Silica Gel, (Author: Steven Weintraub, 2002).

Demystifying Silica Gel for Effective Microclimates (January 22, 2019), a Webinar presented by Rachael Arenstein through the  FAIC Connecting to Collections Care Online Community.  


The site provides access to the webinar and a variety of downloads including: 

Annotated slides from the presentation:


Comparing Performance and Cost of “Museum-grade” Silica Gels (2019): content/uploads/2018/12/Comparisons_SIlica_Gels.pdf

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